Honda CB Shine records one lakh sales mark in August 2018

The Honda CB Shine is the largest selling motorcycle from the manufacturer. Such is the popularity of the motorcycle that it has broken all the records by crossing over one lakh units benchmark in a month.

Yes, the Honda Shine sold over one lakh units in August 2018, taking the company’s market share from 6% to 52% in the 125cc segment in the country.

The stunning design and good performance are the main reasons for its success. The two variants of CB shine – the standard and SP, were sold around 1.10 lakh unit. Plus, during the same month previous year, it grossed around 95,000 units.

The automaker has said that such a feat is nothing new, as this is the third time that a single model from the company crossed the one lakh. The company sold around five lakh units sold in August 2018.

Let’s find out why the Honda Shine is the largest selling motorcycle.


The Honda Shine has an eye-catchy design and the perfect 125cc commuter. The seats are comfortable for both the rider and pillion. The grab rail is prominent, offering good grip. It rides on 18-inch wheels with black coloured alloy wheels.

Engine and Transmission

The Honda CB Shine is equipped with a 125cc, single cylinder, air-cooled engine that is capable of pumping out 10 bhp and 11 Nm of torque. The power output is pretty decent in comparison to the other bikes in the 125cc segment, though the addition of HET makes is more favourable.

Braking and Suspension

The Honda CB Shine has drum brakes on both the wheels as standard to take care of the braking duties. Both the brakes are capable of offering a good enough stopping power. However, if you go ahead in the variant list, you will get options like disc brake for the front and CBS (top-end variant).

Both the end gets spring loaded hydraulic type suspension for the front and telescopic forks for the front. The ride is on the softer side, just like you would expect from a twin-spring setup.


The Honda CB Shine comes with a lot of strong features. Starting from the performance and fuel efficiency to the design, everything is decent enough for its success. It competes against the likes of some of the stalwarts of the segment, like the Hero Glamour FI and the Bajaj Discover.


Currently available in three variants, the base Honda shine price is priced around Rs. 60,000 and comes with drum brakes. The front disc and the top-of-the-line CBS variants get around Rs. 62,000 and Rs. 65,000 price tag. All figures are exclusive showroom prices.

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Signs that you would need to move over to a new office space

Most business owners resist the temptation of renting or buying commercial office space till their existing space becomes cramped. Others do not feel the urge to change over to a new office in spite of raking in substantial profits. They prefer providing remote working space to their co-workers rather than choice of a new office space. There are others who wait for the right market movements for buying and selling commercial real estate. None of these methods would stand the right set of predictions and a proper office space is on the top list in terms of a business plan.

All of us stand on the common ground that office space is a huge financial expense that has considerable impact on the profitability of a common in the long run. The scaling costs of electricity, supplies, furniture can lead to fiscal changes that put an organization into considerable risk. If the business develop you are likely to face a situation where the cost of having an office space exceeds in setting up one. No full proof equation stands in place.

A couple of things have a an important say in the outcome of an office address and can work out to be an advantage for a business

If you trying to build a team

If the organization is new and has just a couple of team members, then they are likely to have negligible office space needs. To be honest you might not even need an office space as well, as in the digital world communication has become a lot easy. Then there is an option of looking for co working spaces that provides you with a professional environment to work.  Most of the start-ups prefer to work in a co working space because of the amenities they provide. Research suggests that young start-ups choose co working spaces as the highest in the community.

With full network of a team the concept of remote working might turn out to be a bit confusing. The chances of you needing a physical office or changing over to a new office would be high on the agenda. When you are hiring thinking on these lines would be of considerable help. Some team members may want to explore the advantages of a physical office in case if they intend to work in the future.

A positive image has to be showcased to the clients

Once the organization develops a chain of crucial in house meetings for you and the employees may emerge. Conducting this meeting where you cannot control the volume or providing decent seating arrangements or technological needs may have adverse impact on the business reputation. You do not want to rent a conference hall for a single meeting. With the increase in co working spaces, the demand of availing a renting space on an hourly basis has emerged. This works out to be a much better option in comparison to your neighbourhood café.

Open New Avenues for Your Business with Chatbot

One key to progress in this dynamic world is to stay glued to the changing trends. You have to paddle with the changing ways and trends. No matter you are a start-up company or a multi-national firm; if you are not walking with the changing times, you might end up with disappointments.

Have you planned to adopt the new technologies like Chatbot? How about talking to Chatbot developers India? These developers can help you extensively in your different deeds. If you are thinking why you should invest in chatbot development or integration then this is certainly an intelligent question.  Remember this platform is getting used these days and companies are welcoming it with open arms. Have a look at some of the benefits of using Chatbot in your company.

Keeps your business running around the clock?

A staff member stays productive five to six hours a day. But a chatbot remains so throughout the day. Have you ever thought to keep your store or business open throughout the day and night but failed to materialize your idea because of linked upfront price?  It is quite understandable.  Running extra shifts simply means recruiting, managing and retaining more individuals. But in the presence of chatbot or talking bot, things get simpler. It takes away the anxieties.  It can serve your clients and other investors without getting exhausted.

Diminish Customer Acquisition Cost 

You know do diminish CAC is one of the main business challenges. It appears that chatbot can make a great difference. Believe it or not, Chatbot can maintain and handle your sales tasks and diminish your customer acquisition cost in a significant manner. Yes, it is going to be your new sales person that will accept and precede hundreds of requests a single go. The query handling ability of the chatbot would depend on the chatbot platform you make use of. The point is you have to pick a right Chatbot for the effective working.

Enhanced Number of business Promoters

NPS or Net Promoter Score not only assesses the satisfaction of the customers and overall customer relationships but also links it with the revenue increase. It does dig the sentiment of the customers and the loyalty by looking for a response to question as what is the probability of them in endorsing your business to people in their social circle. Here by serving customers right away with a chatbot, you can please customers. Even if you fail to resolve their issues, they are going to feel good about the quick approach you adopted, and it is something that would help you get the favour of unintended word-of-mouth marketing. After all, the customers do feel good when they are answered right away. What is the point if you ask something to a sales team of a company and no replies comes for a week? It would be a disappointing thing right? But what if you get a reply just in a few minutes? Literally the latter condition would be delightful right?


Thus, you are intelligent enough to take a decision for your welfare. You can talk to chatbot development service providers in India and open new avenues for your business!