Hemp Oil Uses For Dogs

Cannabinoid hemp oil is showing a lot of progress and treating a wide variety of conditions and disorders. Holistic Veterinarians have begun recommending hemp oil for dogs in recent months. At times it is difficult to know just what how and how much to introduce into your dog’s current medication regimen. It is always a good idea to check with your Veterinarian provider to see if hemp oil or hemp oil tincture would interact with your pets current medication regimen.

Cannabidiol oil is also known as CBD oil or hemp oil it is one of many cannabinoid molecules found in a cannabis plant. as with all cannabinoid molecules it works with the endocannabinoid system within the body. CBD is not psychoactive therefore it does not produce a high that is mostly associated with marijuana. CBD is most often harvested from hemp or the male cannabis plants because of this it does not produce the high that some individuals seek from marijuana making hemp oil tincture or CBD oil tincture safe for medicinal uses.

Hemp oil has a vast variety of medical uses. As with any treatment, research remains ongoing, but results so far prove that is it effective for treating seizures. This cannabinoid is known as being promiscuous meaning that it interacts with the different types of neuroreceptors. The therapeutic potential for hemp oil is turning out to be endless. One of the main uses for hemp oil tincture is pain relief. Many studies have shown that hemp oil possesses analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects making it an option for treatment of both chronic pain conditions like arthritis and acute pain like muscle strains. It has proven to be effective in pets that suffer from chronic pain related to cancer also. Hemp oil can be consumed in many ways but tincture is the way it is consumed in dogs. This is the most popular in humans also. By way, if tincture is safe, legal and effective in pets.

Tinctures are made by steeping the cannabis flowers in a larger proof grain alcohol. After this, it is applied to low heat for a significant length of time. When this is done it allows the active compounds from the cannabis to infuse into the neutral state. As a result, a potent liquid is formed and delivers the cannabinoid effects without any form of combustion or smoking. Within the increasing consumer market, manufacturers sometimes add a carrier oil or other ingredients to improve the taste. When using hemp oil for dogs by way of tincture the effects of the hemp oil are noticed quicker. Most hemp oil tinctures are placed sublingually if it is in a carrier oil and are easily placed under the dog’s tongue. Since the tincture is concentrated if not diluted in a carrier oil some pet owners mix in food or treats. Concentrated hemp oil is meant to be taken in small doses.

Another benefit of hemp oil for dogs is that it will make your dog’s coat and skin healthier and prettier because it’s so rich in GLA. May dogs owners have consulted their veterinarians for the correct dosage amounts to add to their fur baby’s daily regimen.

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