Latest released NBA 2NK20 with multiple exciting Features

There’s been a lot of expectation about the confirmed upcoming release of NBA 2K20 game. However, currently, NBA 2K19 remains the leading game, but soon this will change when they unveil NBA 2K20 download. While NBA 2K20 is yet to be released, 2K games developer has exposed much information regarding player ratings, the demo, gameplay and much more.

Visual dynamics made several tweaks recently in 2019, and it is expected that the developer will make a good foundation for NBA 2K20. Based on this perspective, let’s take a look at the features of NBA 2K20 release,

NBA 2K20 features and supports

It is already confirmed that NBA 2K20 will support PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. This game is also approved by Stadia Google platform that is expected to arrive sooner this year. However, the surprise release of legacy support such as PS3, XBOX 360, is not likely. Therefore, if you intend to play this new game, you will have no choice but to upgrade to the latest console.

NBA 2K20 Athlete Cover

The previous year, NBA2K19 had multiple cover athletes. These cover included Bucks star GiannisAntetokokounmpo that enhanced standard version cover in North America. While Sixers point guard cover graced the standard version in New Zealand and Australia. Lebron James cover was featured in 20th-anniversary version.

The release date for NBA 2K20

The release date for NBA 2K20 is expected on September 6th before the season of holiday shopping and Black Friday. It will be the same release date for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Also, it will be the same release date for the entire three-game versions. Similarly, Google Stadia edition will be launched in November so that it won’t be available until that date.

So, expect the best purchase and GameStop that will host midnight NBA 2K20 events launch offering those who ordered in advance to collect game the night of the release date. Therefore, be alert on the details as the developers push towards 6th September.

Unveiling NBA 2K20 versions

NBA 2K19 on had only two editions, NBA 2K20 is coming with three versions.  However, there is a no-frills standard version; Digital Deluxe Version comes with bonuses while Legend edition will come with additional content.

More features of NBA 2K20

Previous years it took few months for Visual Dynamics and 2K sports to run down the features of 2K19. But this year, according to the developers, there will be a little bit of transparency. The company will make a big announcement during an initial report. Additionally, rumours about WNBA being added in 2K20 it is precisely right. NBA 2K20 trailer has confirmed the presence of WNBAS in NBA 2K20.

Key features of WNBA  

The features of WNBA include face scans, new teams, hairstyles, new animations, weakness and player strengths. It also comprises new animations, playbook specific AI and defensive techniques for all WNBA team.


Hopeful now you’ve learn here some fundamental gameplay improvement that includes motion engine upgrade. Additionally, there are more features like enhanced ball handling, better defence of reaction, improved rim protection and much more.

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