Medical Marijuana Legalisation Issue- Hype or Hope

Medical Marijuana Legalisation Issue- Hype or Hope

It is the universal truth that “health is wealth”. We all are always curious to know about the different methods through which we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. Medical Marijuana is the best remedy for a lot of health issues nowadays. But, there is a lot of misconception about its legality issue. It is legal all over Canada and many other states of the different country.

According to the new legality law, CBD oil is legal but with some terms and conditions. It depends on the medication and severity of the health issue of the patients. You have to order or purchase it from the registered pharmacy stores.

Here, in this article, we discuss that the legalization issue of cannabis oil is only hype or hope for people.

Benefits of CBD: You all are familiar with the benefits of cannabis. IT is an effective remedy for a lot of health problem. It gives instant relief to the patient. It is easily available in offline as well as in online pharmacy stores. There is a lot of inhalation process through which you can easily consume it such as smoking, vaporizing. These methods give frequent results in just 2 hours. The other forms in which CBD is available are Edibles, Tincture, lotions, oil, capsules and many more. So, it is easy to take it as per your need. It gives relief in many health ailments, for example, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer, depression etc.

Its side–effects will be minimized if you take it with proper care and as per your doctor’s recommendation. All these benefits clearly show that it is a hope for a lot of patients suffering from different health problems. Due to all these benefits marijuana should be made legal. So, that everyone gets to profit from it.

Complications of Cannabis: The two basic component of cannabis is CBD and THC. Apart from these components, it contains more than 100 active biological ingredients. We also know that THC has psychoactive properties that make the patients addictive of it. While CBD has non-psychoactive properties rather than it has some important anti-inflammatory properties that make it safer than THC.

According to studies, cannabis directly impacts on your central nervous system and brain. It is an expensive drug and also difficult to obtain. Keeping this aside, it is an effective remedy for chronic pain. CBD is safer if patients cannot take an overdose of it. Overdose and the improper ratio of CBD may lead to the death of the patient and it will directly impact on the patient’s mind.

Limitations of Cannabis: According to studies, cannabis is not an effective remedy for few health issues such as it does not improve symptoms related to intraocular pressure in glaucoma, depression in people with chronic pain and dementia. But, its benefits are far more than its limitations.

Verdict: From the above points it is quite clear that CBD should be legal for common people with some terms and conditions. It should be work positively if you keep the only thing in mind that is “start with low and get it slow”.

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