Technology is useful when used for the common good

The alarming rate of increase in pollution and health issues caused by it are taken seriously these days by the governments as well as common people. Boiling water does not remove all the impurities from the water. 2% drop of water level in the body can cause dehydration. This thing tells us that how much essential it is for us to maintain the water levels in our body. Rapid urbanization and global warming have made the water issues more severe, which make the remote areas more prone to the health issues especially in the developing Asian countries.

An advanced filtration method is required to make the water 100% fit for the drinking water. The price of the aqua guards differs according to the technology used in it. Gravity purification, ultra violet purification and reverse osmosis are prevalent in India.  These 3 are used as combinations with each other. All the combinations have one common objective to remove impurities and deliver pure drinking water. Their combinations depend on the use and pollutants dissolved in the water in that area. Then the size of the installation depends on the use. If it is for home then a compact ones available are the best while commercial ones require bigger tanks installed and water cooling facilities also. Eureka forbes customer care Delhi provides all the essential information regarding all the topics mentioned above and a demo could also be seen on the stores.

There is wide range of customer care numbers available online of various companies which are ready to deliver the services. The 24*7 eureka forbes customer care helpline number is available regarding any enquiry by the customers. After the sale services are up to the level which is required in this field. They are 100% embedded in providing all types of services to the customers.

They begin from the water testing, which is the preliminary inquiry before the installation aqua guard so that a suitable product is delivered to the customer which is the value for the money and does not cost inconvenience every day. It is mostly done free of cost by the personnel who have a special device for the water testing. Then the products are offered of different range and purpose. The internet facility has made it easy to compare the rates and avail discounts from the shopping sites.

Eureka Forbes brand provides its customers best of the best products designed by tube experts for various household and commercial purposes. The maintenance responsibility is also in the right hands. Treatment given to the customer remains same throughout. In fact after the sale of the product the brand takes more care of the customers so that they are always comfortable to use the product. Regular service reminders are given kn the registered number and try to take care of the product like our own thing. Regular services increase the life of the aquaguard and the health of the water is also maintained. Tanks and pipes are cleaned in every service.

Advantages of Hiring Development Company For E-commerce Site

Over the current past, online businesses have been communicating of the city because maximum groups are shifting to provide their goods and services online. That is after most clients observed it clean to test for what they’re seeking out on the internet without having to go to the stores bodily. Because of this, if you are a commercial enterprise character and you’re seeking out the excellent way to make profits, then you need to have an e-commerce website.

An e-commerce website will assist your customers to attain you or get admission to your business effortlessly. The site will connect you to clients across the globe, and this may increase your consumer base. With a massive customer base, you’ll be able to have higher earnings which are the little issue for any business. Therefore you will need to hire an e-commerce website development experts to help you excellently to increase a website site for you. Hiring the website development company will benefit you in lots of approaches as outlined underneath.

You may take away a few risks

While you rent e-commerce developing business enterprise, you may be in a position to get rid of a few unnecessary e-commerce risks with a purpose to strain you for not anything. It is due to the fact the e-commerce development experts recognize how to handle every element of the web growing manner. The experts will examine your competition and players who are key to your enterprise. They will make sure you get engaged in the best practices to help you make your keep handy for maximum customers.

You will enjoy the guaranteed satisfaction

When you select to lease expert e-commerce growing website organization, you may be able to experience an issue of pride. The professionals will help you’ve got an acting store with the intention to be effortlessly reachable without problems by using your customers. The feed method can also be made in a way with a purpose to inspire shoppers to maintain without dropping the cart.

You’ll have improved the online presence

E-commerce for an enterprise to flourish in the online marketplace, it needs to have good website presence as a way to translate to more customers and extra earnings. Hiring an e-commerce growing agency will assist you to have the best online presence you’re searching out. The specialists have revealed in doing this, and they apprehend all it takes to have a terrific online presence.

Facilitates in saving time

When you lease an excellent e-commerce website developing employer, you’ll have quite a few time to allow you to do different obligations. You’ll not need more significant time to hire, control and teach other employees to do the job. You will instead give attention to other enterprise operations which are additionally extensive.

You can hire an experienced professionals by help of the web. Over the internet, you have lots of option to search and compare and choose according specific needs.

Signs that you would need to move over to a new office space

Most business owners resist the temptation of renting or buying commercial office space till their existing space becomes cramped. Others do not feel the urge to change over to a new office in spite of raking in substantial profits. They prefer providing remote working space to their co-workers rather than choice of a new office space. There are others who wait for the right market movements for buying and selling commercial real estate. None of these methods would stand the right set of predictions and a proper office space is on the top list in terms of a business plan.

All of us stand on the common ground that office space is a huge financial expense that has considerable impact on the profitability of a common in the long run. The scaling costs of electricity, supplies, furniture can lead to fiscal changes that put an organization into considerable risk. If the business develop you are likely to face a situation where the cost of having an office space exceeds in setting up one. No full proof equation stands in place.

A couple of things have a an important say in the outcome of an office address and can work out to be an advantage for a business

If you trying to build a team

If the organization is new and has just a couple of team members, then they are likely to have negligible office space needs. To be honest you might not even need an office space as well, as in the digital world communication has become a lot easy. Then there is an option of looking for co working spaces that provides you with a professional environment to work.  Most of the start-ups prefer to work in a co working space because of the amenities they provide. Research suggests that young start-ups choose co working spaces as the highest in the community.

With full network of a team the concept of remote working might turn out to be a bit confusing. The chances of you needing a physical office or changing over to a new office would be high on the agenda. When you are hiring thinking on these lines would be of considerable help. Some team members may want to explore the advantages of a physical office in case if they intend to work in the future.

A positive image has to be showcased to the clients

Once the organization develops a chain of crucial in house meetings for you and the employees may emerge. Conducting this meeting where you cannot control the volume or providing decent seating arrangements or technological needs may have adverse impact on the business reputation. You do not want to rent a conference hall for a single meeting. With the increase in co working spaces, the demand of availing a renting space on an hourly basis has emerged. This works out to be a much better option in comparison to your neighbourhood café.

The Dangers of Adderall

Although Adderall is an order medication, the risks of the drug are an actual. Adderall is a stimulant drug. It is greatly addictive and falls into the similar class of possible addiction as cocaine.

Common side Effects:

  • Absence in appetite or illness
  • Transformation to mood
  • Sleeplessness or difficulty in sleeping
  • Headaches

Although the usual side effects are generally light, continued usage of the drug can outcome in more critical side effects, slow forbearance and enhanced dangers of health issues. The critical side effects and risks of the drug comprise of:

Severe Side Effects of Lengthen Adderall Abuse

  • Uneven heartbeats
  • Undernourishment due to absence of appetite
  • Discussion more than normal and major moves in mood
  • Shakiness throughout the body
  • Delusions
  • Critically high blood pressure
  • Confused or light-headedness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Absence of sensation in some part of the body

All of the critical side effects are a symbol of health issues and need instant medical attention. In the worst case, the drug can cause ruination to inner organs or death. An addiction grows the dangers to the body.

Because the drug is habit building up and can cause an addiction, permanent abuse has a high danger of critical addictions or demands giving up the drug. Removal signs will grow if an addiction happens. Beyond the removal signs that may grow, Adderall also has an influence on the brain. The University of Southern California states that brain damage may take place if the drug is abused for a longer period of time. Moreover, it transforms the way the brain reacts to dopamine, which can transforms the entire mental functioning when the drug is not taken.

Permanent abuse of Adderall enhances the danger that an individual will grow severe health issues and cause injuries to the brain that will not cure. Acquiring treatment as early as possible will lessen the number of dangers and make better the possibility to recuperate from substance abuse.

As you get used to focus one’s mind for a period of time, you may hope to move up to 30 minutes a day. When you get done with contemplating, you will feel refreshed and calm, the best way to go into an examination or big school project. There are healthy and secure ways that you can stimulate your mental performance. And these are much better than taking a drug that causes delusions, hearing voices, and even death. A lot of children have passed away from Adderall Addiction. College students tell monstrous stories of addiction and loss of independence. It is a fearful story and yet thousands of people still take it on regular basis. When it comes to endangering life and welfare, it just isn’t value the danger – not when there are better and entirely protected alternatives obtainable.

How to Beat Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can take a huge toll on the body. People who face alcohol addiction may suffer from other issues as a result of their addiction. Alcoholism can lead to a loss of mental judgement as well as the ability to make rational decisions. Over time, alcohol use can also harm many body parts. Sufferers can experience issues with their liver as slowly becomes unable to remove poisons from their system. They are also at increased risk of chronic and potentially life threatening medical issues such as cancer, anemia, cardiovascular disease and an inflammation of the pancreas known as pancreatitis. If you or someone you love are suffering from this issue, there are ways to beat it and come out the other side.

AA Meetings

Meeting with others can really help you move past this kind of problem. Those who have a support system are those who tend to better in the long term. Attending a Boynton Beach alcoholics anonymous meeting is one way to overcome addiction. Many people find that it helps them to work with others who have faced similar problems. Each member of the meeting can offer their own perspective. They can provide others with the support they need to realize they are not alone in life and not alone in their own struggle.

Revamping Your Diet

When people are drinking lots of alcohol, they’re not getting the good calories they need to stay healthy. A better diet can help. Leafy greens offer a way to help detox the body. Great meals also help people by encouraging them to interact with family and friends directly. A good family meal means that the person suffering does not have a chance to drink. Instead, they have delicious food they can eat. Other good choices to keep to a healthy diet are fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and lots of bulky fiber carbs such as brown rice and quinoa.

Outpatient Treatment

While some are able to overcome their addiction on their own, others may need to have help from medical professionals. Medical professionals can offer specific help such as detoxing the body and helping the person find better ways to soothe problems they might have in their lives than resorting to alcohol abuse. A medical professional can also provide help in the form of certain medications that have been proven to work in the long term. For example, Antabuse has been shown to help people by reducing the compulsion to drink in the long term.

Accept Setbacks

Being addicted to alcohol is hard. Many people struggle with this issue in their lives. They may try to stop drinking and find they can’t. They may also find they quit and then they start drinking again. This is common. Shaking off an addiction is tough. People can find it harder to move past the bad habits they have developed over time. They can also find it hard to accept that such habits need to be changed. However, such changes are necessary. Trying and failing is normal. The key to doing well and beating this addiction is knowing that the trying meant something special. When people realize they were almost there, they can take comfort in that feeling. They can use it as inspiration to move forward and finally beat their alcohol addiction.

IBPS PO Salary revised structure after seventh pay commission in detail

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts IBPS PO Probationary officer Exam/Management trainee every year to recruit PO officers for various public and finance sectors. Why are most of the candidates interested to appear in such a tough competitive exam? One is it serves a prestigious post and another is none other than IBPS PO salary. When post and salary come together who will deny it. So, regarding the details of IBPS PO salary, we shall discuss here.

An amusing part of the IBPS PO salary is it has been revised as per the 7th Pay Commission announced by the Central government. The Basic pay of a new bee is Rs.23, 700/- and every year Rs.980/- will be received as an increment which is applicable for 7 years. After adding other allowances the salary would range from Rs.39, 000 to Rs.42, 000. However, based on the place of the posting the salary may vary. Along with thatthe PO is eligible for other benefits and perks such as Travelling allowance, Medical allowance, Leased accommodation and Newspaper reimbursement.

While talking about the IBPS PO salary, the work responsibilities should also be remembered.Soon after joining as a bank PO, the candidate has to go through the probation period of 2 whole years. General banking training is provided during the two years to the candidate. Candidates will learn various banking terms, roles, responsibility, and management work of the bank where he has joined. The major responsibilities are defined for a bank PO are Report maintenance, cash handling, customer service, Loan issue processing, customers accounts handling, loan processing, cash management, ATM card, cheque, DD issuance. Totally, the Bank PO is trained in all tasks.

There are various promotional stages in the life of a Bank PO. After the successful completion of two years, the person is promoted as Junior Manager or Assistant officer and based on his performance he is promoted for every 2-3 years. The hierarchy of a bank PO is as Probationary officer, Deputy Manager, Senior Manager, Chief Manager, Asst. General Manager, Dept. General Manager, General Manager, Executive Director, Chairman and Managing Director. So, in every post, the person is hiked with his salary part and other allowances.

Such a huge offer is given by IBPS. May we see the history of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection?

This self-governing authority started its operation in the year 1975 as Personnel Selection Services. After 1984, the IBPS turned as self-employed legal fictions by the command of RBI. It focused on to increase the human resource through its personal appraisal. IBPS conducted a common written examination throughout the country to recruit officers and clerks in 2011. Now, on behalf of over 20 public sectors and rural banks, IBPS conducts exams through online mode. IBPS releases its announcement in its official site and accepts only online applications and fee for all. No manual work, offline documents are required here.

The IBPS Board announced its examination dates for IBPS PO preliminary and mains. So, students do not target only on IBPS PO salary structure; also make preparation for that, because you deserve it.

Whatever the soda you like, it’s bad for your teeth

A soda 330 milliliter contains, among other components, about 30 to 40 grams of sugar. This amounts to approximately 6 teaspoons. Does it seem exaggerated or would you put the same amount of sugar in your coffee or tea?

Although the different health authorities have been warning for years about the harmful effects that both sugary and carbonated beverages have on our bodies, their consumption is increasing among the population.

And, the consumption of soft drinks has gone from being a sporadic habit – which was only carried out on certain occasions – to be part of the daily routine of many people. In fact, it is not something that affects a specific demographic group.

Although a few years ago young people and teenagers were the first to fall exhausted before the charms of this type of drinks, the increase also begins to be worrisome in children and adults.

Soda is pretty bad for your teeth and oral health, but how you know that is something going wrong?

The only solution is the regular visit to your dentist, it can help to detect any sign of erosion or decay and cavities before they become complex problem for you.

How do soft drinks affect your teeth?

On the one hand, the excessive intake of soft drinks can complicate or lead to problems related to our general health such as overweight, diabetes or cardiovascular disorders.

On the other hand, we must not forget that the mouth is the doorway to our body of all those drinks we consume. Therefore, its effects arrive earlier than other parts of the body.

As far as our mouth is concerned, soft drinks attack the health of the teeth in two ways: eroding the tooth enamel and favoring the appearance of decay. This is mainly due to two harmful components found in these drinks: sugar and acids.

Erosion of tooth enamel:

Both sugar and acids damage the enamel of the teeth and soften it. This weakening promotes the appearance of bacterial plaque, which in turn is the prelude to caries.

Appearance of caries:

The weakening and the appearance of bacterial plaque together with insufficient hygiene lead to decay. Do not forget that this is a very common condition, since it is, after the cold, the second most common health disorder among the population.

Despite its incidence among the population, caries should not be taken as an insignificant issue. It is necessary to treat it to avoid major complications. In extreme cases, the harmful effects of excessive consumption of soft drinks can also lead to the loss of the tooth.

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What to do to avoid the negative effects?

Although the most convenient thing is to completely eliminate the habit of consuming sugary and carbonated beverages, there are many people who enjoy the taste and the sensation of a soft drink.

If this is your case, this solution may seem too drastic . Therefore, we give you a series of tips so that you do not have to reduce your consumption to 100% and its effects are less harmful than they are now:

Limit your consumption to certain occasions

Whatever the moment you drink a soda (in a social environment, at home …) try this is not a daily habit Try healthier drinks

A good alternative to replace a soft drink is a 100% natural juice , for example. If you find one that you like, it can be as appetizing or refreshing but much healthier. Try to drink more water too, especially in your daily routine

Rinse your mouth with water

After drinking a sugary or carbonated drink, it is recommended that you rinse with water to eliminate, at least, part of your remains maintain good oral hygiene

Although you should pay attention to hygiene despite not drinking soda, it is important to be much more meticulous when you have this habit. Use a toothpaste with fluoride, rinse and floss. Brush your teeth well but do not do it until an hour after drinking to prevent brushing from increasing the erosive action of the acid on the teeth

Visit your dentist at least once a year

Sometimes we do not find out that we have cavities until it is at a very advanced stage. Therefore, we recommend that you go regularly to the dentist-at least once a year-to carry out a review of your oral health status.In this way, you can highlight the existence of a problem or, if it exists, treat it in its initial phase.

Open New Avenues for Your Business with Chatbot

One key to progress in this dynamic world is to stay glued to the changing trends. You have to paddle with the changing ways and trends. No matter you are a start-up company or a multi-national firm; if you are not walking with the changing times, you might end up with disappointments.

Have you planned to adopt the new technologies like Chatbot? How about talking to Chatbot developers India? These developers can help you extensively in your different deeds. If you are thinking why you should invest in chatbot development or integration then this is certainly an intelligent question.  Remember this platform is getting used these days and companies are welcoming it with open arms. Have a look at some of the benefits of using Chatbot in your company.

Keeps your business running around the clock?

A staff member stays productive five to six hours a day. But a chatbot remains so throughout the day. Have you ever thought to keep your store or business open throughout the day and night but failed to materialize your idea because of linked upfront price?  It is quite understandable.  Running extra shifts simply means recruiting, managing and retaining more individuals. But in the presence of chatbot or talking bot, things get simpler. It takes away the anxieties.  It can serve your clients and other investors without getting exhausted.

Diminish Customer Acquisition Cost 

You know do diminish CAC is one of the main business challenges. It appears that chatbot can make a great difference. Believe it or not, Chatbot can maintain and handle your sales tasks and diminish your customer acquisition cost in a significant manner. Yes, it is going to be your new sales person that will accept and precede hundreds of requests a single go. The query handling ability of the chatbot would depend on the chatbot platform you make use of. The point is you have to pick a right Chatbot for the effective working.

Enhanced Number of business Promoters

NPS or Net Promoter Score not only assesses the satisfaction of the customers and overall customer relationships but also links it with the revenue increase. It does dig the sentiment of the customers and the loyalty by looking for a response to question as what is the probability of them in endorsing your business to people in their social circle. Here by serving customers right away with a chatbot, you can please customers. Even if you fail to resolve their issues, they are going to feel good about the quick approach you adopted, and it is something that would help you get the favour of unintended word-of-mouth marketing. After all, the customers do feel good when they are answered right away. What is the point if you ask something to a sales team of a company and no replies comes for a week? It would be a disappointing thing right? But what if you get a reply just in a few minutes? Literally the latter condition would be delightful right?


Thus, you are intelligent enough to take a decision for your welfare. You can talk to chatbot development service providers in India and open new avenues for your business!