Randal Benjamin - How Can Youths Improve Their Basketball Playing Skills

Randal Benjamin – How Can Youths Improve Their Basketball Playing Skills

Basketball is one of the most popular sports across the world. It is a simple game for you to play however if you are a youth, it does become hard for you to look good on the court. The following are some steps that will help you to improve at basketball playing skills so that you do not miss out on the simple basketball shots on the court.

Randal Benjamin – improve your basketball skills on the court

Randal Benjamin is an athlete in Las Vegas, Nevada and he is passionate about football and basketball. He says that teenagers often wish to emulate their icons on the court and you should try to avoid excellent basketball shots. In most of the cases, you will fail to make those shots on the court. Basketball coaches say you should play basketball that is straight and simple. The basketball icons you see on the court are experienced and have proven track records in playing professional basketball for years. You should not imitate them when you are playing matches or practicing in court. You should take inspiration from these basketball players and focus on their form and techniques.

Never keep the ball to yourself

Remember basketball is a team game and it is here that you need to focus on your playing skills while coordinating with others. Basketball does not mean that you keep the ball to yourself and dribble all by yourself pass defenders in court. Never harness the feelings or the thoughts that you are a better player over your teammate. To get respect from your teammates, you should pass the ball often and shoot when you are confident. Your teammates will love you for passing the ball to them for shoots rather than keeping the ball entirely to yourself

Keep the tricks out of the game unless you are an expert

Remember to keep all the tricks of basketball out of the game unless you have mastered them on the court. It is great to show a trick or two when you are playing the game on the court but in case you mess up and watch the ball dribbling away from you, this will make you greatly embarrassed. In short, when you get on the court to play basketball, do keep the above things in mind.

Be patient and do not lose your temper

As a young basketball player, it is quite apparent that you might lose your temper when you are playing on the court. There are chances when a technical foul might occur, so keep your temper under control. Moreover, no player would love to play with a bad sport. You should not get angry with other players and shout at them when you play basketball.

Last but not the least Randal Benjamin says you should always make a sincere effort when you are playing with others on the court. For instance, in case of a rebound, make sure you jump high enough to grab it or else you will look lazy when you are in court. He says that when you play basketball or for that matter, any other sport, do not stress too much on the sport. Basketball is a game that you should play naturally so do not think about it too much. You should play and perform- practicing daily will make you perfect!

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