Things to Remember When Shopping for Your Prom Dress

Things to Remember When Shopping for Your Prom Dress

The prom season is in full swing and everyone is already in their Diva mode. Teenagers today are generally very finicky about their looks and fashion sense and when it comes to something as important as prom night, there is no way you would want to end it up in a disaster.

To be very honest even celebrities have days when they end up with a dress disaster on an important red carpet event. There is a reason why all fashion publications do the necessary best and worst dressed celebrity after every Cannes and Met Gala event. However, those are celebs and they get their chances to cover it up in another event someday else. The problem is your prom night will not come again and you would not want to remember your single important evening for all the wrong things. That brings us down to the important question: How to ensure that you get your prom dress right? Girls often end up getting the wrong dress because they pick their gowns as randomly as they pick their denim. Unfortunately, gown shopping is kind of more technical and you have got to remember a few things when shopping for your prom dresses.

Time Frame

Nice gowns with the perfect fit are not as easy to find as your jeggings and common sense says you should start your dress shopping a few weeks early. Even Coco Chanel will not be able to help Jennifer Aniston if she asks for a gown 3 days before the Oscars. Your dress might need alterations and adjustments and even might need to be created from scratch. You need to allow time for that purpose.

Define a Budget

Prom dresses are expensive and it would be a good idea if you allocate a budget for your dress so that you know how much you will be spending. That being said, when allocating the budget, make sure your budget is realistic and in line with the prevailing market prices or else you will be in for a huge “sticker shock” as soon as you will walk in the first store.


The Right Design and Fabric

If a certain gown is looking awkward or not so appealing on your body, it does not mean that the grown itself is bad or you are not good looking. It only means that the wrong dress was chosen for the wrong body. Every outfit has certain design elements involved that are meant to make a body look in a certain way. You need to understand your body frame and pick a dress and a fabric that complements your body. If you are on the bulkier side, many vendors also offer a dedicated line of plus size prom dresses so that you have something that works well for your body type.

The Dress Code

Even if you are brave enough to sport those daringly plunging V-necks, but go easy on the trends and follow the dress codes. It is not worth being daring if you will be ushered out of the venue for not being dressed appropriately.

Refund and Exchanges

Whichever place you are choosing to buy your dress form, make sure you understand their return, exchange, and after-sales service policies. It is very common for prom outfits to need alterations and amendments and you might need to send it back. This is especially important when you are shopping online. Although good stores do have a great after sales service and exchange protocols in place, it is always a good idea to read the policies to avoid last minute m

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